an introduction to diecast toys and models as a hobby, an investment, or just for fun.

Diecast Defininition
Major Types of Diecast
Diecast Scales
Major makers of die cast toys and models
American Muscle was the brand name for ERTL 1/18 scale cars starting in the 1980's.  American Muscle cars are now produced as part of the the Round 2 line of die-cast. [check availability]
BBurago storied Italian makers of hobby quality die cast cars in 1/18 and 1/24 scales.  Now owned by Maisto but marketed as a distinct brand. [check availability]
CCM - Classic Construction Models produce highly detailed collector replicas, primarily of construction equipment.  Some models are brass and retail for more than $1,000 each. [check availability]
Conrad truck and construction models made in Germany.  [more information] [check availability]
Corgi Classics aviation, military, and character pieces.  Well known English brand, highly sought after by collectors. [more information] [check availability]
Die Cast Promotions
aka: Highway 61
founded by a member of the ERTL family, now making primarily trucks in 1/64 scale [check availability]
Diecast Masters debuted in 2015 as the new primary licensee for Caterpillar brand scale models in 1/50 and 1/87 scales. [check availability]
Dragon Maker of mostly military model kits, now moving into the die cast realm with tanks and planes (both military and commercial) [check availability]
Eligor French company producing trucks and a variety of vehicles. [check availability]
ERTL / RC2 / Tomy makers of farm, construction, automotive, racing, and more.  The predominate American die cast maker of the post-war era. [more information] [check availability]
First Gear makers of highly detailed trucks and construction equipment.  Most trucks are custom produced for the collector market.  [more information] [check availability]
Forces of Valor
aka: Unimax
relatively new to die cast, Forces is a branch of toy maker Panache Place.  Military models are rendered in mostly 1/32 with an emphasis on working parts and accessories. [check availability]
Franklin Mint Franklin Mint is known for higher quality collectibles of all types.  Franklin Mint is currently not making any new die-cast. [check availability]
Greenlight produces nicely detailed cars in 1/64, 1/24, and 1/18 scales.  Subject mater ranges from Muscle cars, Indy cars, and famous movie cars. [check availability]
Hobby Master maker of well detailed military planes and vehicles mostly in 1/72 scale.  [check availability]
Joal Spanish company producing nicely detailed trucks and construction toy.  Joal ceased production of new models in 2013/14.  [more information] [check availability]
Maisto produces toy cars, trucks, airplanes, and motorcycles for mass-market and collector channels.  [check availability]
Matchbox expanding range of toys and collector items.  Mainly sold through large retailers.  
Model Power Long time producer of model railroad components and accessories.  Many pieces are cast resin, none are for use as toys. [check availability]
Motorart Based in Sweden, Motorart focuses on the Volvo brand and produces a nice range of construction, trucks, and autos from the Volvo line. [check availability]
New-Ray produces a wide range of main stream die cast toys featuring 1/24th scale trucks and tractor trailer rigs. [check availability]
Norscot producer of licensed promotional models for Caterpillar until 2015 and others beyond 2015.  [more information] [check availability]
NZG German company producing construction models and other vehicles.  [more information] [check availability]
ROS also known by the Agritec brand name, this Italian company creates models of European farm and construction equipment. [check availability]
Scale Models Iowa based maker of farm toys and other vehicles.  [more information] [check availability]
SIKU Very popular with older kids in Germany, but hard to find in the US.  [more information] [check availability]
Spec-Cast Iowa based maker of farm toys and trucks.  [more information] [check availability]
Tonkin Replicas maker of collector and promotional models for the trucking industry.  Tonkin also became a Caterpillar licensee from 2012-15.  Models are 1/87, 1/64, and 1/50 scale and feature precision detailing. [check availability]
Universal Hobbies relatively new maker of many different types of equipment including farm, trucking, and construction models. [check availability]
WSI maker of museum quality promotional models for various oem brands including Mercedes, Hitachi, Kenworth, and Liebherr.  Models are primarily 1/50 scale and feature nearly 100% diecast construction and high precision detailing with and emphasis on operational parts. [check availability]
Welly produces various cars and trucks. [check availability]
Note: this is not intended as a comprehensive listing as there are literally hundreds of companies currently producing die cast toys and models, but this does represent a cross-section of several categories of die cast.


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